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Testing Center

Distance & Online Learning Students

For Aims Community College students with online courses who do not take tests at an Aims location:

  1. Arrangements for such testing must be made at least one week before the exam is to be taken, so requirements and materials may be sent.
  2. When selecting a proctor, please choose any of the following (it is preferred that you use the same proctor for the entire semester.)
    • Official testing service of a regionally accredited university or college
    • Certified college Instructor
    • School guidance counselor
    • Principal of an educational Institution, either public or private
    • Law enforcement officer
    • Official learning or tutoring Center

The following will NOT be accepted: fellow students, co-workers and family members

NOTE: Some institutions may charge a fee for this service. the student is responsible for any cost incurred for testing.

Please use the following steps to make test arrangements:

  1. Locate a proctor that meets one of the requirements listed above.
  2. Have the proctor complete the Off Campus Proctor Form and return it to us by email. 
  3. The Testing Center staff will contact the proposed proctor within 24 hours of receipt of the Off Campus Proctor Form to verify the proctor’s information and to arrange with your instructor to send the appropriate online instructions to your proctor.  It is recommended that you contact your proctor, prior to arriving to test, to verify receipt of your testing materials or instructions or both..

    NOTE: Once the proctor has been verified, the student is responsible for inquiring about software capability, etc. required for the online course. The proctoring location may be denied if computer software or hardware requirements for testing cannot be met.
  4. The proctor must be able to scan and email any paper portions of exams back to the instructor.

What to Expect at the Time of Testing

  1. A proctoring fee charged by the institution/facility.
  2. The proctor will ask for a valid photo ID to verify your identify.
  3. The proctor will time the test if a timer isn’t automatically activated inside the software.
  4. Review any special instructions or requirements for the test. Student may want to contact the instructor prior to review instructions and/or requirements for testing.

If you have any questions of concerns, please feel free to contact the Aims Testing Center at (970) 339-6533 or email at