DisabilityAccess Services


Disability Access Services (DAS) at Aims Community College is here to help students with documented disabilities reach their academic potential. We are committed to equal educational opportunities for all students. Appropriate accommodations are determined for each student on an individual basis and are based on documentation from a qualified professional verifying the existence of the condition and describing the effect of the disability on the student’s ability to access the educational process.  

We offer accommodations, such as extended test time, note takers, assistive technology and more. If you believe you qualify for reasonable academic accommodations please contact us at disabilities@aims.edu or stop by the Information Desk in the College Center to inquire about making an appointment with DAS services. If you do not have documentation, please contact the DAS office to seek support in obtaining the appropriate documentation.

Complaints and Grievance Process(es):

Students who have concerns about services provided through Disability Access Services (DAS), are concerned about the status of a previously requested accommodation, or if students find any area or service of the College inaccessible, they are encouraged to report the concern to the DAS office.  DAS will assist students in resolving the problem and/or reporting it to the appropriate College office.  If DAS is unable to help facilitate a solution, or if students would prefer to not contact the DAS office, students are encouraged to follow the procedures to resolution listed below:

  1. Student Grievance Process Informal Resolution:  Students are encouraged to resolve issues informally by use of the process described in Procedure 5-601D, Student Mediation, Assistance and Advocacy Program (MAAP) Process.  To initiate the MAAP Process, students may contact Dr. Ryan Barone via phone at (970) 339-6657 or via email at ryan.barone@aims.edu.

  2. Student Grievance Process Formal Resolution: If informal resolution fails, students may follow the steps identified in College Procedure 5-601C.  All formal complaints must be filed within 20 calendar days of the incident.

At any point, students have the right to file a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights