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Catalyst LogoCatalyst is a selective leadership program for students returning to Aims after at least one semester (a minimum of 3 semester credits completed) with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

The term “catalyst” is defined as someone or something that encourages progress and change. This unique program helps students foster a mindset of completion and a vision of the “end in mind.” During three semesters, the following programmatic themes are covered: Leadership, Connectedness, and Cultural Competency. These content areas provide participants with the opportunity to improve on skills attractive to future employers:  teamwork, communication, leadership, organization, decision making, and other personal/professional skills.  Membership in Catalyst strengthens your leadership skills, making you “the” candidate for your future career! 

Program Highlights:

One-hour weekly meetings on the Greeley and Fort Lupton campuses with topics covering: Johari Window, Servant Leadership, Diversity in the Workplace, Group Dynamics, Networking, Resume Development, Emotional IQ, Core Work Values, Service to Our Communities, and Preparing for the Interview.

Catalyst is an extended first-year experience, building on many of the foundational elements of the Advancing Academic Achievement (AAA090) course. AAA celebrates community in and outside of the classroom, and students who participate in Catalyst receive peer-to-peer and facilitator support as they continue to navigate Aims and achieve their personal and professional goals.  

Applicants do not require a nomination from a faculty or staff member; however, a nomination will strengthen a student’s application and will be considered during the selection process.

Fall 2017 applications are still being accepted!

Nominations and student applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until capacity is met.

Student Nomination Form

Students please review the application instructions prior to applying.

For questions about the Catalyst program, please contact:
Ty Thompson (970) 339-6595  or