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Please sign our guestbook to share a memory of Aims.

John (09/19/2017)

My mom, Tally Scott, formerly married to Larry E Scott, always told me that the name for Aims was chosen during a meeting with the founders at our 1960s Belair neighborhood house, Mountair Ln. John Scott

Calvin Webster (08/04/2017)

Anyone considering higher education or a technical degree needs to take a close look at all the great programs Aims has to offer. Incredible facilities and an awesome staff to provide students with a first class education at affordable prices. When your credits are guaranteed to transfer to a 4-year institution within the state of Colorado, I don't see why you would consider going anywhere else!

Susan Woods (07/12/2017)

In 1989, I attended Aims Community College for one year which was the most rewarding college experience I have had to date. Since attending Aims, I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BS in Economics and was awarded Departmental Scholar in Economics. After UNC, I received a scholarship to attend the University of San Diego School of Law to obtain by Juris Doctorate. After practicing law for several years, I decided to change careers and started teaching Economics at an independent school in my hometown of San Diego. Currently, I am pursuing my M.Ed in Educational Leadership at High Tech High Graduate School of Education. As a first generation high school graduate, I didn't understand the value of education nor did I see myself as someone smart enough to go to college. I am forever grateful for my experience at Aims and credit my teachers there for instilling in me the confidence to succeed and grow as a student and individual. My love of learning stems from my experience at Aims where my teachers were professional, genuine and kind.

Jerry Mc Murry (02/16/2017)

I registered the first class to enter the college. I was the registrar and director of admission from August 1967 until July 1970. I was also Director of Student Personnel Services and was responsible for the school gaining Full accreditation.

Alex Laswell (02/06/2017)

My favorite memory is learning the song for the quadratic formula from Karen Robinson! Honestly, pretty much every class with her was amazing, but especially that particular day. Watching her and learning from her was the best ever, I wish I could have taken her to CSU to finish out my Mathematics minor.

Tonya Vander (02/04/2017)

I am so grateful for the professors at Aims. I would not be working towards my MSW at the University of Chicago, had it not been for the amazing professors and staff who helped me when our family faced multiple crises during my first semester at Aims.

Susan Kuznik (01/27/2017)
Having both attended and worked for Aims I can say it is the most nurturing and welcoming higher education environment you will encounter. Attending Aims provides a sure path to success in whatever university you choose to attend or career path you follow.

gordon hadlow (01/26/2017)

My ten years teaching in Aviation Technology was one of the most satisfying positions I ever held. It was a pleasure working with the students to achieve their goals, and interacting with the the college faculty and staff. Aims Community College is truly a family. Here's to the next 50 years!

Christina Y Braun (01/26/2017)

The best job I've ever had.

Lisa Hudson (01/24/2017)

Aims has been such an amazing partner for the East Colorado Small Business Development Center and our businesses in the community!

Kristopher Zwetzig (01/20/2017)

Aims was the best choice I ever made. I Looked at a lot of Computer Science programs in Colorado, and outside of the School of Mines, Aims was the best, most hands on program I could find, and at a more than reasonable cost. Not only did I receive a top notch education from the CIS staff at Aims, but I have many fond memories hanging out in the fireside lounge, assisting classmates developing programs, designing databases, and sometimes just watching funny videos on YouTube. Setting a chron job in Ubuntu to open my classmates cd drive at random intervals during class. And purchasing wonderful bagels and smoothies from the lady outside of the radio station booth to help us power through a difficult project. A very large shout out to Tim and Liz McFerron, who retired my last year at Aims, and helped build the foundation of the CIS program; and to Jennifer Bailey, who inspired me to think creatively, accept widely, and always strive to learn more and outperform myself. Without these people I wouldn't be able to do what I do today. I currently am an Applications Analyst for the IT Dept. of a Global Wi-Fi Communications manufacturer. I also would like to recognize Professor Steve Mills, a very smart and thoughtful man. I hope one day I can outshine his wit, and grumpy old man demeanor. And Sarah Swingle who showed me that technical skills may be a good foundation, but that when you combine it with art and style, you can create anything. If it was not for Aims, I could not provide the life that I can now for my wife and daughter.

kacy murray (01/15/2017)

I grew up in suburbs of St. Louis Mo. Just barely squeaking out of high school in 1971. A friends older sister attended UNC said "there is a college in CO that takes anyone"! Wow! My two pals and I "headed west". We started our college life at the east Aims campus.- bit of a shock-classes in Quonset huts! But the enthusiasm and energy of Aims students and staff made it feel that you were part of something special. Aims was so diverse. Local kids, Vietnam Vets and students from all over the country. Even a prince from Persia! The professors were so engaged and involved in your life that 46 years later I recall many who impacted me. Jerry Karst and Jim Jokerst, led me to the field of Social Work. I completed my AA and graduated from CSU. I always say I never would have finished college and be where I am today if I hadn't gone to Aims. Thanks Aims, I couldn't have done it without you! - Kacy Murray

Diana Silva (01/08/2017)
I attended Aims part time from 2003-2008 as a single parent, first-generation, non-traditional student. Throughout my time at Aims, everyone I came in contact with, including teachers, advisors, and staff, always made me feel like I belonged, and wanted me to succeed. Thank you Aims for the encouragement, and helping me with my higher education.

Annette McGuire (01/03/2017)

The teachers at Aims were so supportive and amazing! The whole process of getting back into college, being an older student, was very "user friendly." Most of my education was paid for by scholarships, I am so grateful! Thank you Aims!

Rachel (01/03/2017)
The community and teachers at Aims are unforgettable. Professor Karen Robinson made my experience at Aims the best it could be. The encouragement that this campus provided made it possible for me to continue my pursuit of an engineering degree.

Alexandra Sutton (01/03/2017)
The support and encouragement from my teachers provided a great environment not only for learning but in building my confidence within my career choice.