Take off today with an FAA approved program and learn from pilots with years of experience. Train in state-of-the-art simulators and log your hours in 2017 Piper PA28-181 aircraft.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Aviation Department at Aims Community College is to provide a collegiate education that prepares motivated aviation students with the best training possible for demanding careers as professional pilots and air traffic controllers.

Academic Options

The Aviation program is broken up into three track options, allowing students to customize their training depending on their goals in a career in aviation.

General Aviation Pilot

Specialize in smaller aircraft and explore the numerous jobs as a non-airline pilot.

Professional Pilot

Begin training to be an airline pilot without entering the military.

Air Traffic Controller

Train to direct plane traffic at an airport and enjoy one of the fastest pace careers there is.

Piper PA28-181 runway lights

Life After Aims

Do you like to travel? Are you looking for a fast paced career full of high adrenaline? A career in avaition might be for you.

Pilots and air traffic controllers enjoy a demanding job that keeps them on thier toes every day. They feel the rush during departures and relax high above the clouds. They feel pride in directing plane traffic during peak hours at busy airports. 

At Aims, you can train for jobs as:

  • airline pilots
  • air traffic controllers
  • cargo pilots
  • governement business pilots
  • aerial mapping careers
  • search and rescue/medical pilots
  • flight instructor careers
  • and many more