Accounting studies how businesses track their income and assets over time. Accountants do such things as prepare financial statements, record business transactions, help plan for business growth and more. Accounting is an extremely diversified field of study and benefits all business degree paths. If you want to know how a business works and enjoy work that can grow and change with you, consider a certificate or degree in accounting.

Program Mission Statement 

The mission of the Accounting Department Program is to deliver curriculum to a diverse student population that prepares students for career entry and advancement as well as providing continued degree opportunities that are in alignment with their personal goals. This curriculum is delivered in a student-centered approach that combines a variety of effective classroom methods, skills, and experiential educational experiences.

Career Opportunities

  • Accounts receivable or accounts payable clerk
  • Cash receipts and disbursements clerk
  • Payroll accounting technician
  • Accountant
  • Budget or credit analyst