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United Women of Color

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United Women of Color is a student support group designed to help students who identify as women of color explore topics relating to identity. During weekly meetings we discuss how our various identities impact the interactions that we experience in cultural and higher education settings, while also focusing on providing participants the skills necessary to successfully navigate these settings. Identity exploration is discussed in an effort to begin to understand intersectionality, while creating awareness about equity and diversity on campus. Aside from weekly meetings, we host two events every semester that are open to the entire Campus Community in hopes of sparking conversations about equity, diversity, identity and inclusion. 

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Our mission is to provide a foundation of support for students who are women of color at Aims Community College as we explore subjects relating to identity. We will act in solidarity with other social inclusion and equity groups and initiatives on campus as we collaborate to promote campus wide communication, safety, trust, respect and professionalism in an overall effort to educate the campus community on topics related to the success of women of color.

What our students have to say:

“It helps us women of color feel empowered to do better and lets us know we are not alone.”

“We have so many things in common but are all still different, unique, individuals. This is also a very supporting group, it’s somewhere we can be ourselves and feel comfortable.”

Semester meeting information:

Meetings are held weekly and are open to all students who identify as Women of Color:

Every Wednesday from 1:10- 2:10 p.m.
Horizon Hall Room 127
(Note: No meetings are scheduled during Midterms, Spring Break and Finals Week)

In an effort to create safe spaces for conversations regarding race, gender, equity, diversity and inclusion, United Women of Color hosts 1-2 open meetings every semester where all interested students are welcome to participate. Check back for updates on these meetings here!

For more information, please contact us at:



 UWOC Advisors

UWOC Advisor Alma Aquino AguilarAlma Aquino Aguilar
TRIO-Classic Advisor
Impact Programs
(970) 339-6654

About Alma: Alma was born in Los Angeles, California to traveling farm-working parents. She began her post-secondary educational journey at the University of Northern Colorado as a first generation student and in the fall of 2011, she graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish Liberal Arts and a double minor in Anthropology of Multicultural and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Since graduating, she has had a daughter who she enjoys raising and loves spending time with. Alma has been an advisor at Aims since 2014 and is currently furthering her education by working on completing a Masters of Arts degree in Higher Education Administration and Leadership from Adams State University.

On United Women of Color: “United Women of Color continues to embrace a community where students of color feel validated. This validation happens when the community shares similar stories, experiences and more as we discuss how these impact each student’s educational journey.  UWOC supports and helps our students by providing students of color tools that focus on empowering, educating and promoting social justice.”  

UWOC Advisor Lisette GalindoLisette Galindo
Writing Tutor and Supplemental Instructor
Learning Commons
(970) 339-6541

About Lisette: Lisette is the oldest of two to parents that emigrated from Zacatecas in Mexico to Greeley, Colorado. As a first generation student, she attended the University of Northern Colorado where she discovered her academic, personal, and professional interests. The Spring of 2015 was when she received her Bachelor's of Arts in English Liberal Arts with a double minor in Spanish and Anthropology of Multicultural. She then obtained a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification to teach in various parts of Asia and Europe. She joined Aims in October of 2016 and hopes to continue to promote higher education and assist students in culturally, academically, and professionally globalizing their mindset.

On United Women of Color: “Academics aside, pursuing higher education while having underrepresented identities is not always the easiest, so there is a lot of growth that can occur by having those that identify as women of color get involved with this organization. In a safe, all-inclusive, and open-minded environment, we cover topics and issues that resonate with and impact these students, and they get to share past, present, and presumed future experiences to work toward harnessing their identities to become better advocates in the world. I am glad to help bring such awareness to students and to take in each other’s stories that might not have been easily shared outside of our meetings.”

UWOC Advisor Yesenia Talavera-CarrilloYesenia Talavera-Carrillo
Retention Advisor
Student Success Center
(970) 339-6567

About Yesenia: Originally from Denver Colorado, Yesenia is the youngest of four siblings, and a proud first generation immigrant daughter to parents from Chihuahua Mexico. Yesenia received her Bachelor's of Science in Animal Science from Colorado State University in 2012, and is currently working towards obtaining her Master of Arts Degree in Higher Education Administration and Leadership from Adams State University.

On United Women of Color: “United Women of Color is an essential to providing Women of Color a safe space on campus. We discuss very personal topics that affect the lives of students of color and provide our students the opportunity to share their experiences as women of color in higher education with a group of people who can relate to those experiences. Most importantly, we focus on helping our students develop not only a strong sense of pride in their identities, but also the tools necessary to overcome, achieve and succeed.”